Elena's First Voice Recital

We are so proud of Elena! She has been taking voice lessons for several months and performed at her first recital. She sang a song from the Disney movie Hunchback of Notre Dame, "God Help The Outcast." She has such a lovely voice. It took a lot of courage for her to stand up on stage and sing in front of an audience.

I didn't have the best recording device, so I recorded it a second time at home so you can hear her clearly without the background noise.

Happy Halloween!

It's that exciting time of the year when our kids get to dress up and have fun being something else for the day. This is my favorite part about Halloween. This year's costumes were pretty simple. Elena designed her costume, a dragon slayer, and Grandma B. helped her put it together. The two boys jointly agreed to be missionary companions. When Alexander came back from Washington last week, James was excited that a new companion was "transferring" into his district. They shook lots of people's hands during the school Halloween parade as people greeted them "Hello, Elder."

The boys insisted that I wear a costume this year, so I obliged and pulled out my sister's high school ball gown (happy day, it still fits!) and a giant pair of butterfly wings I found at a thrift store. Voila, a princess butterfly. I need to find a better costume next year.

What a lovely dragon slayer (Elena) and the two Elder Southworths, 9, 11, 13