Life of a Minecraft Mob

As night slowly approached, I could feel my particles coming back together. A large bow formed in my white palm. The new moon slowly rose above the mountainous region of the extreme hills. Torches lit my path towards a small wooden hut. High cobblestone walls surrounded the tiny building, blocking my view of the player.

Steve had killed me the night before as I had tired to blow his house to pieced, in my creeper form. My friends came back together around me as I made progress on my way to my target's home. A single goal formed in my mind, "Kill the player! Kill the player!" 

My bones rattled in fury as I saw the pile of sulfur left by a previous failed attempt. My body shuddered as a single stray arrow hit my back. I turned my bow, ready to fire. Another skellie stared back at me innocently. I let go of the arrow in my bow and hit the other skeleton. We started circling each other, our bows continuously firing arrows.  An arrow whizzed past my head and hit a tree. I carefully aimed my bow and let go. White particles spiraled in the air where my opponent had been. Two bones lay on the ground, tempting any player who neared.

I smiled a toothy grin and started walking in random circles, ending on top of tree. I stopped walking as I noticed a dirt bridge leading over the cobblestone wall. I walked across the bridge, placing each foot carefully. I stepped silently down into the yard full of bright torches. The sound of blocks scrapping against each other caught my attention. Steve stood on top of the wall, adding cobblestones as he patrolled the area.

"Yes!" I thought, raising my bow to point at Steve. The arrow flew through the air. The sound of feet hitting the ground and tools flying made me jump in triumph. The mobs had finally won! I pushed open the door of the wall, letting the mobs in. "Hardcore mode is so fun!" I cheered silently. This world is finally ours!